Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bacon pancakes, makin' bacon pancakes...

Relevant to the cat's interests...
Hubs doesn't really love breakfast foods, especially if they're bread-like and/or sweet (French toast, pastries, muffins, etc).  He does, however, love breakfast meats. I mean, who doesn't like bacon?! (Quiet, vegetarians and your ilk...)

Hubs was up late on baby duty, and came across this clip from Adventure Time (one of our favorite cartoons). It's pretty catchy, and had the added benefit of calming our little Dude.  There is also a ten-hour version.  I have spared you.

The unintended (but perhaps obvious) side effect? Hubs wanted bacon pancakes for breakfast the next morning. Luckily, I had seen just this on Pinterest!!

It would seem that Pinterest now has MANY such recipes... Love the Breaking Bad reference on the left ;)
 I used this oven-baking method for the bacon from (genius!) and made this pancake batter from Allrecipes (notably, I substituted bacon grease for the melted butter).  It became pretty simple after that- pour one over the other!

The result wasn't glamorous, but it WAS tasty. Hubs loved it, and The Dude enjoyed watching.  Hubs is now convinced that we should buy a food truck and serve these.  Of course, they'd also be battered and fried with cinnamon, chocolate and powdered sugar.  He's even investigated companies that would make a custom food truck.  I wonder if there's enough room at the Strawberry Fest for another food vendor...

Om nom nom.  Kinda like Cookie Monster.  But with pancakes.
The one on the left is still too small for solids.  I'm sure Hubs is hoping he'll take to bacon immediately at 6 months...
Hoping early exposure to bacon smell is beneficial for baby's growth,

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