Wednesday, November 6, 2013

And baby makes three...

...hours between "milkings."

Caught you off guard there, didn't I?

Yes, as mentioned briefly in my last (and very belated) post, our little bundle of joy is here.  Baby G is rockin' it so far.  We love him to bits.  So much so that, after our nursing partnership turned into more of an angry one-sided relationship, I have dedicated much of my days to making "magic Mommy Juice" by exclusively pumping (EPing) and feeding it to our little man via bottle.  It's great, because Hubs gets to help!

Here he is, my lazy baking partner!  Graham Raymond Richard, born 11-Oct-2013, 5 lb 14 oz!  Proud first time mommy, daddy, and grandparents are all doing well.
How is this relevant to my food blog?  Well, since we have an extremely hungry little man (born a little too small for everyone's liking), milk-making has become a big deal around here.  It's pretty much the ONLY food I make these days; we adults have mostly been subsisting on leftovers generously provided by friends and family or frozen microwave/oven meals.

I swear, there's a recipe in this post.

See?? I swear this isn't all about baby!!
I'm trying all sorts of things to make the most Magic Mommy Juice possible.  I forget how I came across this recipe for oatmeal chocolate chip "lactation cookies", but I finally (after 3 1/2 weeks with G-man) got a spare hour to pull them together.  They're tasty (and, they're a perfect excuse to eat cookies without impunity)!!

Apparently the "magic" ingredients are oatmeal (I've been eating a huge bowl every morning), flax, and brewer's yeast.  I've used flax before as an egg substitute, so that was nothing new.  I'd never seen brewer's yeast before, but after some help from a Bulk Barn associate, I got my hands on some.  I used the max amount called for in the recipe (4 Tbsp, or 1/4 cup); it sort of made the cookies taste malted.  Reminded me of an oatmeal stout I had once.  Not a bad thing!!

Here's the brewer's yeast!  It's very interesting in that it's a byproduct of beer-making; it's not active or alive at all (it's already done its job, making delicious booze!)  I had a guy in Bulk Barn try to convince me to buy active brewing yeast from his website; the helpful store associate chided him for trying to steal away customers!  Plus I had to explain to him that this wasn't for home brewing.  He didn't believe me.
My lonely Kitchenaid; it's been about a month since she saw any use!!  Mixing up the dough here.

Finished product!  Tasty stuff.  Even Hubs had one (after I assured him that they wouldn't turn him into a dairy cow like me)!  I've packaged some up for my friend with a 4-month-old, and there's a store of them in the freezer for whenever Teh Kimmeh's baby girl bundle of joy arrives!
Ah, motherhood.  It's all new and exciting to me, but I'm doing my best (with the amazing, constant, wonderful support of Hubs) to have my cookies and eat them too!

Thinking that Medela is the most wonderful company in the world,


  1. Wow! Congrats and welcome Baby G! Hope you guys are doing well. Good for you for exclusively pumping... I have so much admiration for mamas who EP! I know it is a ton of work ON TOP OF the full-time job of caring for a newborn, but it is totally worth it if you can make it work! I hope you're getting all the support you need in that regard!!

    Funny coincidence, I just made lactation cookies for the first time today! I had a stomach bug a couple days ago and my supply took a bit hit almost immediately, so since I was feeling up to some baking today I decided to give a gluten free recipe a try. They are dry (an unfortunate but frequent byproduct of being GF) but they taste good and I have this idea that they would be exceptionally tasty as ice cream sandwiches... ;)

    Anyway, speaking of supply, you mention you are doing a lot of things to boost yours and I just wanted to say that both domperidone and a blessed thistle/fenugreek combo that Dr Jack Newman recommends have worked really well for me in the past - I had supply issues with my first kiddo when he was tiny. I'm sure these are two things you've already got on your radar but wanted to mention them just in case!

    Grow, Baby G, grow! And sending lots of happy and healthy mama vibes your way!

    1. Thanks Emma! Luckily I have a TON of great support- Hubs always praises me with a "Good job, Mommy!" after I pump. My supply seems pretty good based on what I'm reading (juuust shy of 40 oz. today; hopefully tomorrow I'll hit that amount!) I'm already taking domperidone (though at a much lower dose than Dr. Newman suggests; going to talk to my doc about that!) I've been meaning to check out blessed thistle and fenugreek. Thanks so much for your congrats, good vibes and thoughtful comment!