Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chocolate, hazelnuts, and a new tradition

Just as I feel I'm settling in Winnipeg, it arrives: the dreaded "Sign your life away for the next year, or get out of our apartment building" notice.  So, I'm about to uproot myself again and move within the city to something more affordable (and less lavish.  Does anyone truly NEED a pool, hot tub, gym, and car wash in their parkade?  Probably not).

Despite changes in living conditions, though, I'm laying down roots in other areas.  Specifically, I've started a new tradition (though I've alluded to it before).  I have become the official birthday cake baker for my lovely friends/coworkers.  Last week, I made an absolutely gorgeous (in my modest opinion!) chocolate hazelnut cake for my wonderful colleague Linda, with the help of my (now-famous) birthday cake quiz.  Here's the result!

This cake doesn't contain any flour.  It also contains a whole (400g) jar of Nutella.  How can you go wrong?!
As per Linda's quiz, I decided Skor would be a nice addition to this tasty treat.  There's one food-processed bar in the cake itself, and two more decorating the top.  Mmm!
Happy moment in my life: realizing I can get buttercream icing from a GIANT TUB at Bulk Barn :)  Makes a nice contrast for decoration with the Skor, hazelnuts, and chocolate ganache, no?

I don't often quote that 1970's rug-chested Englishman... but YEAH BABY!!
Deb in my office, holding the last piece on a very classy brown paper towel.  See how hard I work on Tuesday afternoons, handing out cake to all and sundry?
Overall I was EXTREMELY pleased with how the recipe turned out.  My coworker even asked me for the recipe to make for her own Hubs, since he loves Nutella.  I love getting ideas from other blogs and tweaking them slightly.  I suppose this is as good a time as any to formally thank my favourite curvy British food goddess Nigella Lawson, who originally published the recipe.  She may try to turn her recipes into some sort of strange erotic experience on her shows, but MAN that woman makes good food.

Thinking this was a good encore following my "Third Wheel" (PB, Nutella and banana) crèpe at Kawaii,

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  1. sounds lovely. i do love some nutella ;). what i don't like, is moving. bleh.