Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sometimes, the simplest breakfasts are the best.

Case(s) in point, which need very little input from me:

Eggs over easy, bacon, wheat toast with margarine, and peach slices.  Coffee alongside.  Gorgeous.

Correction: the eggs are basted, not over-easy.  I had enough bacon grease in the pan to do 'em up like Grandma used to.  Look at that lovely yolk!
My obsession with blood oranges rages in February, when they're in season.  Freshly-squeezed blood orange and clementine juice, on ice, with a touch of Splenda to sweeten.

Add a bowl of hot maple & brown sugar oatmeal, and you've got Sunday breakfast.

Just one lone blood orange left- I bought a bag of nine or so on Thursday.  Obsession, thy name is Honeybee.  More on the citrus cravings in a future post-- I must stop procrastinating and get some work done.

Happy breakfasting,

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