Sunday, August 29, 2010


I'm such a forgetful person sometimes.  I completely neglected to showcase the fantastic homemade dessert that Tori and Graham brought me during their quick stop in Windsor.  They're so sweet... of course they're welcome in my family's house anytime, but they didn't want to come empty-handed.  Their lovely, mouth-watering, but completely unnecessary gesture: a big pan of peach crisp.

I don't feel that I did this dessert justice here, due to a) my desire inhale this delicious treat, b) lack of time to play around with lighting, and c) my rush to get to the airport on time.  On a fun note, though, you can see my favourite sweet (Hubs) reflected in the spoon. 
Mom does pride herself on spotless silverware... ;)
I was informed later that Tori accidentally skipped the cinnamon on this one; I didn't even notice, as I was too busy enjoying the dozens of fresh Ontario peaches that she'd peeled and sliced BY HAND.  No canned or jarred stonefruit here.  That's a labour of love, folks.  Mmm.  Hopefully, if Tori sees this and agrees, she'll share the recipe with me and I can post it here.  Whaddya say, hon?  Willing to post it to the interwebs?  Let me know!

Pondering why Manitoba seems to get all its peaches from BC, even though Ontario is much closer,

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