Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sunday Dinner Series Part VI: Totally Non-Polish Perogies

Hooray for the iPhone!! Without it, I'd be very bored sitting here in the Winnipeg airport without my library eBooks, Facebook, email, Skype, Words with Friends, etc etc. and now Blogger!! Hooray! Flight delay entertainment? There's an app for that!

Perogies are a big thing in Winnipeg. I've been good-naturedly teased about buying frozen Cheemos from Superstore when there are so many great local, handmade offerings. These pillowy pockets seem to be a staple at big family meals here, even if there isn't a drop of Eastern European blood sitting around the table.

Despite defending my frozen, mass produced varieties, I felt the need to see if I could make a decent perogies from scratch (and nobody criticize my spelling... This is how I've ALWAYS spelled it. You people and your kubasa... I'll never understand). Turns out, I can!! I got the recipe here.

I did doctor the filling somewhat, keeping Hubs in mind. I added a seeded, chopped jalapeño when cooking the onions. I also fried, cooled and chopped some top-of-the-line PC double-smoked bacon. Heaven, people.

I will admit, all the hassle didn't seem worth it in the beginning. I had a hard time rolling the dough to a consistent thickness, so some were more doughy than others. Also, the dough seemed a bit tough (not tender and pillowy) the first time around. This actually improved after freezing... I stored a batch and cooked them later in the week and was much happier.

So would I do it again? Meh, maybe, if only to fool around with the filling some more. Otherwise, how can you beat a jumbo variety pack on sale for $3.99??

Feeling her Winnipeg (and food blogger) cred slipping away,


  1. First the fake maple syrup, and now Cheemos? You and I were separated at birth, clearly!

    I fully admit to having no problem at all with buying Cheemo perogies (the way I've always spelled it, too, probably because that's what I grew up eating. Don't get me wrong, I love me some baba-made perogies, but am just as happy with store-bought, mass produced ones. After all, homemade is so much more time and labour intensive, and we have to pick our battles :)

    Yours look delish - if I ever attempt homemade again, I'll have to try jalapeno!

    1. Thanks so much (as always), Emma!! You should definitely try it if you have a boring Sunday on your hands... though with your little one, I'm doubting that happens very often!