Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wedding bells and Honeybees...

I am probably the worst blogger on the face of the planet.  However, I feel I do have a fairly legitimate excuse...

That's right!!  Hubs is officially my husband now!!!  A few more pics, courtesy of the lovely Crystal of Canadian Captures Photography (can't resist giving her a plug...)

 And since this is, of course, a food blog, time to display the cake!  Top tier: red velvet and cream cheese filling (in the freezer for our 1 year anniversary).  Middle tier: lemon cake with lemon filling (which I regrettably didn't get to taste!!).  Bottom tier: chocolate chip cake with chocolate filling.  Mmmm!!!

It's hard to imagine that we managed to move Hubs from Windsor to Winnipeg just two days after the wedding so that I could be back to work on the Wednesday following.  I feel like we're only just settling down now! 

The nice thing about wedded bliss: Hubs actually does about 40-50% of the cooking.  His skills are getting better every day!  He basically just stir-fries things, but you can definitely go far with that technique.  It's absolutely fantastic for those days when I get home from work and feel like doing NOTHING.  In the old days, I would have just eaten hummus with a spoon for dinner... but now, I have a culinary partner in crime!  Granted, he leaves "fancier", more involved things to me... like the dishes I've made since moving home that are waiting to be posted here!  So stay tuned, ladies and gents.  Now that our weekends are our own, I'm sure I'll be grabbing the laptop and posting more often!

About to go make a Sunday dinner worthy of Grandma's table,

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