Sunday, May 8, 2011

Heartfelt apologies

Hi all,

Not to overly promote a catchy 90s pop song... but oops, I did it again.  Life has been throwing me a lot of curveballs lately, which usually means that by the end of the day, the only kind of cooking I want to do is of the finger variety (Boston Pizza ads, anyone?  Finger cooking, aka. dialing/going online to order takeout.  It's tempting.  I've almost mastered it.)

At any rate, as the official Honeybee-Hubs union draws nearer, I'm hoping to do more *ahem* HEALTHY cooking to tame the waistline, and blogging to tame the frazzled mind.  I have a whole backlog of gems to share with you, mostly connected with some fun 'Peg events (birthdays, showers, festivals, etc).  I shall update you all shortly... hopefully within a few hours, honestly, if I can get my grocery shopping, Mother's Day Skyping, cooking, and exercising out of the way (did I mention I was busy? :D)

In the meantime, I'll leave you with a few cute snapshots of what happens when I open cupboards to put away clean dishes:


This particular recipe is the very famous French creation, "Chaton dans un placard".  It's what you get when you add kitten + cupboard.  Pretty cute, non?

With heartfelt promises to update with more culinary experiments, hijinks, and stories very soon,

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