Sunday, October 24, 2010

You are what you eat!

Alas, my time this weekend grows short, so I'll just finish up with a post I've been planning for awhile.  While I did fit some fun food exploits into this weekend (namely, going for dim sum at Kum Koon Garden, getting bagels at Harvest Bakery, and scoring some free peanut butter ice cream with raspberry mixin at the Marble Slab), I did also keep busy with some wedding planning.

How does nuptial stuff relate to this post?  Well, my dear sibs keep telling me that they plan to embarrass the pants off of me during the wedding reception with a puppet show (starring miniature versions of me and Hubs) in lieu of a more traditional speech.  I'm about 99.9% sure that they're bluffing.  Hopefully.  Maybe.  Anyway, I happen to have a few embarrassing food-related items for them.  Call it a preemptive strike.  These just make me hope that the titular idiom for this post is false.

Ahh, Sar.  Why on earth are you holding tuna and dog food?  Oh, that's right, you thought the dog food was chili, which might be nice to take to school to heat up for lunch.  Please, put the Ol' Roy down.  That's for our subservient quadruped, Cindy.
Moving on to the next sibling: I'm pleased to announce, for the first time on "A Weekend, in Food", a video!

Yes, that's Al, the chef-in-training, chugging a container of McDonald's pancake syrup.  Hmm.  A total class act, that one.

Don't even get me STARTED on what Ni has eaten, particularly if there's a monetary wager involved.  The tamest of these has been about a teaspoon of freshly crushed garlic, straight up... I won't get into the most disturbing.  Let's just say, my bearded dragon Max would've shared in the meal with her, given the chance... *shudders*

Hoping my sibs, as wonderful as they are, choose not to retaliate on The Big Day,


  1. Mel, you have made a blunder of gargantuan proportions.

    Now that you have posted our embarrassing food exploits here, you have nothing to hold over our heads to blackmail us against the puppet show.

    This is also assuming that we are actually embarrassed about those things... :D

    Speaking of the puppet show, I really think you have overestimated our 'bluffingness.'

    Sleep well :)

  2. I'm guessing that was Al. Something about "blunder of gargantuan proportions" sounds about right. Ah well, I have lots of big burly groomsmen, they can act as bouncers if we see anything resembling Jim Henson's life's work being smuggled into the hall.

  3. Nope! Wrong again! You follow Rafiki, he knows the way!

  4. Okay, now I know it's Sar. Hi seester!! Enjoy making my antojitos!

  5. I would say something like "Blunder of gargantuan proportions though, she was right to assume it was me lol :P hi mel

  6. On a fun note, Al, after your video plays, YouTube suggests some of the Jonas Brothers' stuff as a related topic! I think I have the last laugh here... Muahahahaha....